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Last updated: 06.06.2015

By booking with ANIMAL EXPRESS GERMANY you agree to accept our Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to refuse boarding in certain circumstances...see below.

All services are subject to availability and all reasonable constraints of weather, industrial action, civil unrest and anything else beyond our control. We reserve the right to cancel or amend scheduled and charter services where necessary, and for whatever reason. This may include arranging individual collections prior to the scheduled departure date by prior arrangement with the person then homing the animal. We cannot be held responsible for losses incurred by delayed collection or arrival, ill-health (human or animal), unavoidable delays or the failure of train, bridge or ferry services. We also cannot be held responsible for losses or delays resulting from mechanical breakdown or any other unforeseen circumstances. We will always attempt to re-book such delays onto the next available service, but this remains subject to availability. All bookings, whether original or re-made, are accepted on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.

Bookings are made only when you have been given a Booking Reference Number. This unique number identifies your animal and MUST be used in ALL correspondence. We attempt to reply to all queries immediately, but cannot be held responsible for delays to payment receipt confirmations or anything else if you do not quote the Booking Reference Number for each animal.


The full payment of the transport costs are due within twenty-four (24) hours of initial enquiry. Failure to make the payment will result in the space being offered to the next customer WITHOUT further notice.

We refund the payment to the following terms:

- Cancellation up to 4 weeks of the scheduled trip – refund of the initial payment per pet minus an

   administration fee of 15,00 EUR

- Cancellation up to 2 weeks of the scheduled trip – refund of 50% of the initial payment per pet minus an    administration fee of 15,00 EUR

- Cancellation within 2 weeks before the scheduled trip – no refund is possible


Having offered all ‘no-show’ space to the Waiting List we will close each trip to new enquiries eight (8) days before departure. If you have forgotten to pay the balance or otherwise failed to provide the necessary forms your booking is then lost along with your deposit, even though the trip is yet to start. We require this time to plan collection and delivery times, make ferry bookings, etc, and inform other customers so that they may make their own arrangements, eg: booking time off work to receive their pet. There are very many people involved in making each trip run successfully and to time. We cannot change everything just to squeeze you back in, and we do not have time to listen to your excuses, either. Our customers want us to provide a service to the lowest possible price. Leaving everything to the last moment makes our life hell and drives costs UP, not down. We therefore ask for your understanding and that you book, respond and pay promptly.


Should an animal become unwell in transit we reserve the right to divert for the purpose of seeking veterinary help. By booking you agree to reimburse ANIMAL EXPRESS for any necessary treatment. The veterinarian will have sole discretion as to what is necessary.


NAMES: New owners often wish to rename a pet, but please do this on arrival, not before. This avoids confusion before and during the trip. Please use each animal’s Booking Reference in all correspondence and stick to using the name in his Passport until he arrives

FEEDING: Light meals are best given during the two days before travel. Dogs and cats tend to snooze away long trips and so their calorie needs fall greatly during transport. We provide food and water, but any special foods, clearly labelled, you wish to send along are fine, too.

TOYS & BLANKETS: These we also provide, but anything with a familiar smell is always reassuring for a pet. Feel free to send him off with your T-shirt (unwashed) or anything else that tells him you are not far away.

MEDICATION: Please bring written instructions for all treatments to be given enroute. Label everything with the animal’s name.

TRAVEL SICKNESS: Your vet may offer you pills for the trip, but please avoid their use before collection. Rather, label them clearly with the pet’s name and dosage, and hand them to our driver. Pets often travel better in a large transporter on motorways than they typically do in a car around town. We will give the medication should it subsequently prove necessary. DO NOT self-medicate. This will invalidate the ‘Fit-to-Travel’ status and may result in denied boarding.

LEADS, COLLARS & HARNESSES: Whether you are sending or receiving an animal, please give some thought to how you will handle it on the day. We use our own ‘transport’ leads and collars, but these are removed on arrival, so please come prepared if the delivery is at a point away from home.


Upon collection all travel documents including Pet Passports, Health Certificates, Third Country Certificates and Owner’s Declarations will be checked for validity. Invalid documents, including those that have been tampered with or altered in any way (except by a Vet and with proper annotation) will be rejected. Boarding will then be denied and no refund will be due. You will be provided with a written ‘Boarding Denied’ document stating why such action was necessary, and advising you on

Pet Passport checks include completion by a Vet of Section IX, the ‘Clinical Examination’ or ‘Fit-to-Travel’ declaration. Boarding will be denied if the Passport is not completed properly. Properly means legibly, with ALL entries including vaccine manufacturer and drug type completed in full. The Tapeworm entry MUST also include date AND time of day, and this must tally with any pre-notified schedule we have given you regarding when the animal will cross the relevant border.

Each Passport includes instructions as to what fields must be completed. DO NOT leave it to the vet to get this right. Check YOURSELF, and be sure BEFORE collection day.


If you are unsure in any way send a scan of the relevant pages and we will check for you.

1...The Microchip must be readable and functioning properly.

2...The Rabies MUST be dated at least 3 calendar months AFTER Date of Birth.

3...The Rabies MUST be dated ON OR AFTER Microchip implant.

4...The Rabies MUST be valid until at least until five (5) days after scheduled entry into the country of destination.

5...The Echinococcus treatment (dogs only) entry must include Date AND Time it was administered, and be given between one (1) and five (5) days before entering the relevant country(s).

Any alterations MUST be annotated, signed and stamped separately by a vet only. Better still, have the vet delete poor entries and complete a fresh line for clarity’s sake. Passport entries that even appear to have been altered unofficially WILL BE REFUSED BORDER CONTROL and will therefore result in Denied Boarding from us. No refund of monies will then be due.

All dogs must be presented un-muzzled. Dogs which are a danger in public, or which exhibit uncontrolled behaviour toward our staff or other animals will be denied boarding. This, at our sole discretion. Dogs must be fed during long journeys and it is impossible for us to safely re-muzzle an aggressive dog after food. Exceptions may be made on short domestic journeys where the dog can remain muzzled throughout. This, at our sole discretion and always within the water and food provision limits. Such cases MUST be agreed with us in advance.

Responsibility for dogs refused entry into the UK (or any other country) for any reason related to their breed, breed type, or any other reason or concern whatsoever, by any official authority, will return immediately to the owner as defined on the Owner’s Declaration. All related costs connected with such refused entry or seizure will be the sole responsibility of the owner or, if they are not immediately available, the customer or ‘responsible person.’ ANIMAL EXPRESS GERMANY will be under no obligation to provide in any way for such animals from that point, and delivery will be considered to have taken place.